The Sapphire Mask - Vengeance and Virtue

instrumental  digital  anime  mecha  giant robots 

The Sapphire Mask - Vengeance and Virtue
In the future, only one alien civilization can fight back against the tyrannical Earth Federation, using the power of an ancient weapon.

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Liner Notes

This is a compilation of two albums, both of which were originally released on Bandcamp in spring and summer 2013, respectively.

The story behind this album, inspired by "Mobile Suit Gundam", space opera, and a little bit of Shakespeare, is one of giant robots, exiled royalty, space colonies, androids, bloody conspiracies, and misunderstandings that threaten tragedy on an operatic scale. The music is likewise heavily inspired by the Gundam franchise, particularly owing much of its sonic flavor to Hiroyuki Sawano's score for the anime OVA Gundam Unicorn.

It goes a little something like this:

The imperialistic Earth Federation has begun its colonization of the Ananakian Kingdom's solar system, halted only by the Ananakian's advanced Mechanized Space Infantry. But now the decades-long stalemate is about to be brought to an end, as war hawk politicians seek to undermine Queen Anzu's campaigns for peace and the fearsome space pirate, the Sapphire Mask, and her android benefactor R. Adam Olivaw begin launching indiscriminate raids on Ananakian military outposts. Each attack brings the Sapphire Mask closer to the heart of the Ananakian kingdom and her true target--her younger sister, the Queen of Ananaki.

The Sapphire Mask's quest for revenge threatens to plunge two solar systems into war, and with not even the Queen and her most trusted soldier able to stand against her, the fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of the princess-turned-warrior and whatever spark of compassion she may have left...


Part One originally released 4/5/13
Part Two originally released 8/2/13
All composition, MIDI programming, and mastering by William Ascenzo
Album art by Tanney Liu (drazelic)


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